Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Reflecting from the trenches

The brief set by JISC for 2 minute pitches was a great idea and allowed us a snapshot of each of the projects. It was also really interesting to see how other project teams approached the pitch and the creative nature of teams when required to present without PowerPoint.

Interestingly, although used to presenting, we both felt very nervous as we watched the other pitches and waited for our turn. I’m not sure if this was because we had scripted our pitch, which neither of us is used to, or if we just felt out of our comfort zones as a certain degree of acting was required. Either way it was a really useful reminder to us of how some of our students feel when they are challenged to do a presentation.

We both felt that our pitch went well and we had some very nice feedback from other participants - thanks to those who took the time to speak to us.
Following the pitches we were put into cluster groups based on our project interests. It was good to discuss our projects in more detail and share some ideas and offers of support.

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