Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Our Pitch

Our two minute pitch was practised and timed at just over three minutes! Sure this is 50% over the allotted time, but surely the JISC would let us run on a bit - they will wont they? We decided to see how others got on, see how ruthless with the clock the JISC would be, and if needed, do some last minute editing. Arriving at the event we had a quick scan of the agenda. This said we would be CUT OFF after two minutes. Hmm. Now what? Oh, and this was to be the first session too - so no time to decide exactly what we would cut.

We sat and listened to the first pitch - The College of West Anglia gave a succinct and well planned presentation of their project with a bit of role play which set an immediate high standard. They timed it perfectly and after the two minute timer had run, down the National Anthem automatically played. Given our Great Escape analogy, we wondered - we just wondered…

Our turn arrived - given the really tight timing we played the Great Escape theme tune (through an mda) as we walked up to get ready - this we hoped would set the scene. With the theme tune playing we launched into our pitch and as the time ran out, the National Anthem started just as I was just making the point about us fighting the enemies of the bad assessment, in the classrooms, in the VLE’s and in the staffrooms. The National Anthem (for us) was a great addition - shame we did not think of it - thank you JISC for not cutting us off! We enjoyed that session.

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Rachel said...

And there was me thinking you had planned it to end that way!