Thursday, 16 December 2010

The ripples are still visible

I presented on some of the aspects of the work emerging from the ESCAPE project at a development day -"Using Technology to Enhance Feedback" run by the HEA Subject Centre for BioScience and hosted by the University of Roehampton. I talked about the work that James Johnstone had been doing with his second year sports studies students. How the wiki had been used as a forum for collaborative development. I spoke about the way that the students had received formative feedback and how their work was monitored each week with James compiling a blog for general feedback.
I also spoke at length about the barriers for adopting technologies such as wikis and blogs - both from a teachers and also a students perspective,
The session was well received with lots of interest being generated. There were three workshops in the afternoon., where we had a chance to explore the use of wikis in a bit more depth. It was a very appropriate way to finish the project- showing what we had been able to achieve in partnership with the modules we worked with.