Sunday, 1 February 2009

A challenge from the Vice Chancellor

Our Vice Chancellor (Professor Tim Wilson) lives in a different world from me. He seems to have firmly gone metric and now has 25 hours in a day and 10 days a week! Part of his busy schedule includes him keeping a blog where regular entries communicate thoughts, successes and challenges.

He had clearly read the Times Higher Education article on assessment, which was pleasing giving its relation to this project and UH's inclusion, and made many positive comments about the piece. At the end of his blog entry he asks the question about the format of the traditional examination. Why shouldn’t we allow computers and technology into the examination room? A great question and, for sure, there might be an appropriate reason why we don’t but for some cases I suspect there might not.

I might stretch the challenge further and not only ask why not make greater use of technology in the examination room but why the examination room itself?

What I really want from the ESCAPE project is to stimulate similar questioning with our partner academic schools and by the use of the project, appropriate change management techniques and visioning a future, explore why we do what we do.

Because we do, as a response would be interesting to unpack and see what lies behind keeping the norm.

Great to see that our VC is up for a challenge and wants us to explore current practice.

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Malcolm Ryan said...

You may wish to make contact with John Dermo at Bradford who has done quite a lot of work into e-assessment.

A colleague and I also run a programme in which all assessed work is submitted and marked on-line we just do not handle paper anymore. I'd be happy to talk about this and demo it even when I visit.