Wednesday, 25 February 2009

First Meeting of the Steering Group

Last Thursday we had our first meeting of the steering group, we had an excellent turnout. It was good to see Malcolm Ryan again - our critical friend from JISC and fellow VW owner and to meet Prof. Margaret Price - from Oxford Brookes University. In addition Prof. David Nicol from the University of Strathclyde joined us via elluminate along with Prof. Peter Bullen head of BLU at UH.

We used a very large plasma screen to display the elluminate interface and Mark managed to solve some technical hitches prior to the start of the meeting so the sound was excellent.

The steering group were very supportive of what we had achieved so far and were in agreement with our approach as detailed in the draft project plan - which was approved. They were able to offer advice on areas where they felt their experience was relevant. It is good to know that we are backed up in our endeavours by such a depth and breadth of experience. The steering group’s guidance and advice will be invaluable to helping make the project a success.

Some things that I got from the meeting:

  • look at the student perspective of assessment & compare with the lecturer view
  • think about how teaching & learning staff development for new (and existing) staff can support the sustainability of the project
  • create hard data for analysis
  • what are the staff and student drivers here
  • students will always want more feedback - we need to encourage and facilitate self regulated learners
  • look at the national survey of student engagement
  • think about the context of the change we are trying to achieve - make sure that senior champions are on side
  • the challenge of using general principles of good assessment practice - of which there are a number of schools of thought - and turning them into actual an assessment regime for a particular subject module.

One of the main themes that I picked up on is how much work is being done in similar areas to our own and how we need to be aware of it. One of the discussions that Mark and I have had is his feeling that we need to have a good idea of what is out there - perhaps by carrying out a survey exercise.


              Malcolm Ryan said...

              It was a very productive event and I enjoyed meeting new folk and re-acquainting with others. The technology seemed to work too which is always a bonus.

              I think you are right there is a lot out there on many of the topics - especially assessment - an audit might be a very useful thing to do.

              For me also, I think the discussion around stakeholder engagement has sparked the idea for the theme at our CAMEL event, if others agree - 'Winning Hearts & Minds'.

              Rachel said...

              If you do go for that topic for a CAMEL meeting, speak to Stephen Brown - he said his cluster were looking at how to use Web 2.0 for engaging stakeholders.

              MarkRussell said...

              Thanks for the comments and the feedback - what is really useful is the connections being formed and the sharing of ideas and drawing on others for ideas too.