Saturday, 10 January 2009

Project manager

Our new project manager, Dominic, started work on the ESCAPE project this week. I am sure he will be a great asset to the project and will drive the work forward. Dominic has experience of working with staff on change management projects and I am sure his expertise in this area will be invaluable when he works with colleagues in the Business School and Life Sciences.

I am looking forward to being a part of the ESCAPE steering group and am feeling better about taking a back seat. I currently have a number of other projects which I am working on and keeping all the plates spinning in the air is certainly proving challenging.

I am looking forward to following the progress of ESCAPE via the blog and hope that Mark and Dominic keep us up to date with their thoughts.

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Dominic Bygate said...

I feel very excited about joining this project as project manager. It all feels very new to me at the moment but I have had a fantastic welcome from the team and am really looking forward to the challenges ahead. I can see all the hard work that has already gone into the project so far and am looking forward to helping deliver the sustainable change the project promises.