Friday, 5 December 2008

Letting go - part two

It is with much disappointment that Helen cannot stay too intimately connected with the project. Not only did she have significant part to play in developing and shaping the bid, (and hence is really attached to the project), but she is just great to work with. We had fun preparing for the two day event and she challenges me regularly to think about what I do.

But Helen has a role across UH and has a major piece of work to do in taking UH’s Learning and Teaching Institute forward. And I know she and the team will do a great job.

And so earlier this week we interviewed for our project co-ordinator. The project coordinator will support me but involve themselves in more of the day-to-day activities. Ideally we are looking for someone with a good understanding of project management, assessment for learning and change management. Hmm, quite a tall order.

Interviewing candidates is a tough process -some candidates you know well others you don’t. It is stressful for all involved. BUT without exception each candidate brought useful qualities to the interview

And so now we have the arduous task of identifying the individual that is likely to be able to best respond to all the demands of the project.

Whilst this is a tough decision it is an exciting that we will bring someone new to the project.

Will keep you informed of our progressed


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