Friday, 23 April 2010

It's Quality Time!

One of the things that has struck me this week is the how often subtle changes to a modules delivery can have quite wide ranging changes to the learning interactions that take place. The example I am thinking of is the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Marketing Module. The module coordinator - using his experience from previous years, has posted a set of FAQs on his module Studynet site. The questions address points and issues that were raised by students last year and were generated from the experiences of the whole module team.
As a result, module team's interactions with students - both face to face and online, been able to focus more on developing the students understanding of the material covered in the module . Students can be pointed in the direction of where to find specific information. This leaves the team time to develop the "high quality " dialogue and interaction with students that can really support and personalise the students learning. This simple strategy(one of a number adopted by the team) of using a well primed bank of FAQS has acted as a filter so that the more complex and interesting questions that students generate can form the basis of meaningful discussion with the module team.

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