Friday, 2 April 2010

Learning from the slopes!

I'm not a skier. I have never been skiing, until recently that is.

But as I was learning to ski (or rather learning how to pick myself up from the white stuff) lots of my time was spent thinking about my learning (on the slopes) and the things that supported my ability to learn and get going.

I'm really interested in notions of personalised learning.
Personalised learning requires personal activity and learning activities that are adaptive to the demonstrable needs of the learner. This is true in the classroom and on the slopes. Personalised learning does not throw the learner in too far at the deep end but develops the learners confidence and hence their inquisitiveness and willingness to progress. Personalised learning does not swamp the learner with feedback nor provide fedback that is inaccessible to the learner either.

All of these things were so beautifully reinforced to me as I tried to ski. Putting ourselfs in situations that make us the novice (skiing in my case) was great to see some of the things about learning relate to me.

Being a novice and thinking about learning was just great.

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