Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Tomorrow we are running a half day event for some of the modules that we have been working with. Four of our modules have now completed their piloting phase , four are still running and one has just started . Now at the end of semester A is a good time to get people together to reflect on the changes made over the last semester. We have once again become aware of the time pressures that colleagues are under and the fact that it is extremely difficult to find a time when all who need to can attend. Any work that comes out of this project will need to reflect on how this is overcome - we have achieved it by running separate sessions to cater for staff availability.
The event tomorrow will have three themes:
  • Reflecting on the changes made to the module in the light of ESCAPE.

  • Mapping these changes to agreed principles of assessment for learning.

  • Planning for sustainability - ensuring that the changes that are put in place in the piloting phase are built upon.

We are aiming to capture the reflections with the use of the ubiquitous flipcam. We will be exploring:

  1. What went well - share and celebrate your successes

  2. What needed more development

  3. what was the change in the student experience

  4. what was the student response to the changes

Incidentally quite a few of the module coordinators have flipcams and I will blog about what they have been used for soon.

I am looking forward to a really good afternoon - it will be the first chance that many of the lecturers have had to meet with their peers since before Christmas. And hopefully it will provide good opportunities for sharing of experiences and ideas.

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