Friday, 26 February 2010

It was good to meet with the ESCAPE module teams on Wednesday - the half day event was a chance to catch up and swap experiences. The fact that we were able to take people away from the university for a day is a real bonus and gives people a chance to take stock and to reflect without distractions.

We were able to capture the reflections using the flipcams - now in their second generation so that they can record for two hours, although nobody took the machine to its limits. Our reflections to camera lasted about five minutes for each participant.

Along with the reflective theme that we were developing we are also looking at the collateral effects that the project is generating. some examples of these are:

  • Plans for the WATS system to be used with the MSc Life Science students next academic year - building on the successes in using it with with a first year Life Science module

  • Working with another three modules from the division of sports science over the coming months - facilitating and supporting a re - engineering approach to their assessments

  • Working with one of the ESCAPE module coordinators on a masters module to support the use of video to assess group work

  • Working with one of the compulsory first year modules in the Business School that has over 1600 students taking it in two cohorts.

  • Being approached by a module coordinator to help to re-engineer the assessment for a large Health & Human module that involves students on placement - assessing them them through the use of group work and a piece of reflective writing.

We are looking at what is the best way to work with people who have approached us and we will probably work with individual teams or areas as and when we are asked to. This approach offers us quite a bit of flexibility in the approaches we use - rather than using a larger " come into the big tent and see the show" approach.

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