Friday, 13 November 2009

eBiolabs University of Bristol

We have been really impressed by the eBiolabs project at the University of Bristol - one of the three other project in our cluster. The project has many resonances with the work we are doing with one of our 9 modules -" Introduction to Biochemistry, Microbiology and Pharmacology". The module contains a large element of practical work and the eBiolabs approach of preparing students before they undertake the practicals by taking them through a series of online tasks. This element of engagement prior to the practical work itself and the corresponding post practical online tasks would be something that we would like to incorporate in the module.

We have spoken with Gus Cameron - the eBiolabs project manager and we are hoping to be able to use some of the stand-alone resources that his team have produced. This is an exciting opportunity for projects to start to disseminate the products that they have developed. We In turn anticipate that the case studies that we are developing along with our change management model - incorporating the AI approach will become widely available to others. The use of the JISC Design Studio is the ideal forum for such dissemination of project deliverables

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