Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Model Relationship

This week I have been concerned with trying to model the relationships between the modules that we are looking at in the School of Life Sciences and the other modules within the school. We are looking at the module profiles, the assessment mix and the key individuals that are involved with the modules to see what links and patterns emerge. We are looking at ways of using our results to model and predict how the project's influences will spread thought the school. It is helping us to identify the key "secondary targets" that will be able to be influenced by the second phase of the project. We have been helped this week by Ruth Hyde - welcome aboard Ruth. Ruth has been doing some work on building the model and looking at the variants that are emerging.

In addition I have had a meeting with the Business School to see how we can get the data that we need to be able to carryout our baseline audit of achievement for our "before" part of the "before and after" comparison of results. Lots of enthusiasm for the project in the Business School which is manifesting itself in a plethora of offers of support and encouragement. They are very excited by the project and can see how it will address some of the assessment and acheivement issues that they have with certain programmes.

It’s off to Glasgow Thursday and Friday for the team - we are having some training in appreciative enquiry provided for us by inspire research. We want to see how we can use the techniques of appreciative enquiry to manage the change we want to encourage in the assessment practices in the schools we are working with.


Malcolm Ryan said...

Excellent you will be getting some training in AE - wonder if colleagues in the cluster would be interested in this when we meet in Bristol. Do share how it goes.

MarkRussell said...

Hi Malcolm, Happy to share thoughts as we work up an AI approach / framework for ESCAPE